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Ventricular Assist Devices: Current State and Challenges

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Siamak N. Doost

Biomechanical and Tissue Engineering Lab,
Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology,
Swinburne University of Technology,
1 Alfred Street,
Hawthorn VIC 3122, Australia
e-mail: Sndoost@swin.edu.au

Liang Zhong

National Heart Research Institute of Singapore,
National Heart Centre,
5 Hospital Drive,
Singapore 169609, Singapore;
Duke-NUS Medical School,
8 College Road,
Singapore 169857, Singapore
e-mail: Zhong.liang@nhcs.com.sg

Yosry S. Morsi

Biomechanical and Tissue Engineering Lab,
Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology,
Swinburne University of Technology,
1 Alfred Street,
Hawthorn VIC 3122, Australia
e-mail: ymorsi@swin.edu.au

1Corresponding authors.

Manuscript received December 12, 2016; final manuscript received May 27, 2017; published online August 8, 2017. Assoc. Editor: Michael Eggen.

J. Med. Devices 11(4), 040801 (Aug 08, 2017) (11 pages) Paper No: MED-16-1375; doi: 10.1115/1.4037258 History: Received December 12, 2016; Revised May 27, 2017

Cardiovascular disease (CVD), as the most prevalent human disease, incorporates a broad spectrum of cardiovascular system malfunctions/disorders. While cardiac transplantation is widely acknowledged as the optional treatment for patients suffering from end-stage heart failure (HF), due to its related drawbacks, such as the unavailability of heart donors, alternative treatments, i.e., implanting a ventricular assist device (VAD), it has been extensively utilized in recent years to recover heart function. However, this solution is thought problematic as it fails to satisfactorily provide lifelong support for patients at the end-stage of HF, nor does is solve the problem of their extensive postsurgery complications. In recent years, the huge technological advancements have enabled the manufacturing of a wide variety of reliable VAD devices, which provides a promising avenue for utilizing VAD implantation as the destination therapy (DT) in the future. Along with typical VAD systems, other innovative mechanical devices for cardiac support, as well as cell therapy and bioartificial cardiac tissue, have resulted in researchers proposing a new HF therapy. This paper aims to concisely review the current state of VAD technology, summarize recent advancements, discuss related complications, and argue for the development of the envisioned alternatives of HF therapy.

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Grahic Jump Location
Fig. 1

A schematic illustration of the different categories of VADs

Grahic Jump Location
Fig. 2

A schematic illustration of different types of pump impellers used in the construction of continuous flow pumps

Grahic Jump Location
Fig. 3

Schematic illustration of a catheter-mounted VAD (a) Impella 2.5, CP, 5.0 and Thoratec PHP, (b) Impella LD

Grahic Jump Location
Fig. 4

Placement of TandemHeart™ [35], photo courtesy of the Texas Heart Institute website.2 We acknowledge them for providing the photo.



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