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Miniature Pump for Treatment of Refractory Ascites Based on Local Magnetic Actuation

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Nicolo Garbin

Department of Mechanical Engineering,
Vanderbilt University,
Nashville, TN 37212
e-mail: nicolo.garbin.1@vanderbilt.edu

Patrick Doyle

Medical Merge LLC,
Brentwood, TN 37027
e-mail: patrickdoyle1296@gmail.com

Byron Smith

Senior Engineer,
Medical Merge LLC,
Brentwood, TN 37027
e-mail: byron.f.smith@gmail.com

Jesse G. Taylor

Springfield, MO 65804
e-mail: gijesse@me.com

Mubashir H. Khan

Springfield, MO 65809
e-mail: mubhk76@gmail.com

Qasim Khalil

Hospital Medicine Consultant,
Abu Dhabi, 112412, United Arab Emirates
e-mail: qkhalil@gmail.com

Pietro Valdastri

Chair in Robotics & Autonomous Systems,
School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering,
University of Leeds,
Leeds, LS2 9JT, UK
e-mail: P.Valdastri@leeds.ac.uk

Manuscript received September 27, 2018; final manuscript received December 19, 2018; published online July 15, 2019. Assoc. Editor: Kunal Mitra.

J. Med. Devices 13(3), 031002 (Jul 15, 2019) (10 pages) Paper No: MED-18-1181; doi: 10.1115/1.4042460 History: Received September 27, 2018; Revised December 19, 2018

This paper presents the design, fabrication, and experimental validation of a novel low-cost implantable pump for the treatment of refractory ascites (RA) based on local magnetic actuation (LMA). A reciprocating positive displacement pump displaces liquid unidirectionally through magnetic coupling with a magnetic controller placed on the outside of the patient's body. The proposed solution is intuitive to use given an alignment algorithm that exploits externally placed magnetic field sensors (MFS). The implantable device has a catheter-like shape, is electronic free (no on-board battery), has low fabrication cost (<8 USD), and is able to generate a flow-rate of 3.65 L/h while effectively pumping fluids with various viscosity (1–5.5 cP). RA is commonly treated via costly paracentesis or invasive surgical placement of a transjugular portosystemic shunt (TIPS). The proposed solution can be implanted with minimally invasive techniques and can be used on a daily basis to drain a set amount of liquid, without requiring recurrent hospital visits.

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Fig. 1

Schematic representation of the LMA-based pump. The LMA pump collects ascitic liquid from the abdominal cavity and delivers it to the bladder for expulsion via urination.

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Fig. 2

(a) Schematic representation of the principle of operation of the LMA-based pump and (b) cross-sectional view of EDM and IDM to show their magnetization vectors (mD and md) and angular displacements (θD and θd)

Grahic Jump Location
Fig. 3

Contour plot of TMAX for varying h and l. The black thick line identifies the stall torque (5.42 m N·m) for a commercially available DC micro motor comparable in size to the IDM.

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Fig. 4

(a) Assembled CIP next to a quarter dollar, (b) CIPc before assembly, and (c) assembled pumping element

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Fig. 5

(a) Exploded view of the MEC and (b) fabricated MEC, front and top view

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Fig. 6

Pumping control scheme based on θ˙D feedback measured from the DC motor encoder. The torque experienced by the DC motor (τD), along with the angular velocity θ˙D, and with the control parameter (ΔV) can be used for prediction of pole slippage–malfunctioning.

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Fig. 7

Schematic cross-sectional view of the EDM ŷẑ plane. MFS position and shielding is shown.

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Fig. 8

(a) Experimental setup used to validate algorithm for IDM/EDM alignment and (b) schematic representation of the area of interest used for IDM/EDM alignment testing

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Fig. 12

Top: Recorder flow rate when pumping 40 ml of water; middle: recorded flow rate when pumping 40 ml of mixed water and antifreeze concentrate; bottom: cyclic pumping profiles (mean ± standard deviation) of the top and middle plot

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Fig. 11

Experimental bench test used to validate and quantify pumping efficacy

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Fig. 10

Left: Custom functions f(MFS1, MFS2); right: optimal alignment colormaps which are used to inform the user when proper alignment is established

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Fig. 9

Regression curves of sensors (MFS1 and MFS2) readings with and without shielding while the IDM scanned the defined area of interest. Coefficient of determination R2 value is shown in each plot.



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