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  • Proceedings Article June 26, 2017

    Tomoki Taniguchi; Ryoji Tamai; Yoshihiko Muto; Satoshi Takami; Ryozo Tanaka; Masanori Ryu

    Proc. ASME. 50831; Volume 3: Coal, Biomass and Alternative Fuels; Cycle Innovations; Electric Power; Industrial and Cogeneration Applications; Organic Rankine Cycle Power Systems, V003T08A002.June 26, 2017
    doi: 10.1115/GT2017-63333

    TOPICS: Gas turbines
  • Proceedings Article October 28, 2015

    Prasad Divekar; Qingyuan Tan; Xiang Chen; Ming Zheng; Ying Tan

    Proc. ASME. 57243; Volume 1: Adaptive and Intelligent Systems Control; Advances in Control Design Methods; Advances in Non-Linear and Optimal Control; Advances in Robotics; Advances in Wind Energy Systems; Aerospace Applications; Aerospace Power Optimization; Assistive Robotics; Automotive 2: Hybrid Electric Vehicles; Automotive 3: Internal Combustion Engines; Automotive Engine Control; Battery Management; Bio Engineering Applications; Biomed and Neural Systems; Connected Vehicles; Control of Robotic Systems, V001T11A006.October 28, 2015
    doi: 10.1115/DSCC2015-9967