Using microturbine generator systems for distributed power generation has become the recent trend. To face the impact of the global energy crisis, one of the options is to use biofuels including biodiesel. To this end, this program is to perform study on biodiesel microturbine testing and analysis. A 150kW microturbine generator set with twin rotating disk regenerators was used. Designed as a vehicular microturbine engine, the twin rotating ceramic disk regenerators dramatically improve fuel consumption by transferring heat energy from the exhaust gas stream to compressor discharge. This paper involved testing of the microturbine generator set at different load conditions using 10%–30% biodiesel fuel. A software program was used to predict the performance of the microturbine generator set at different operating conditions in order to compare with the test results. Both biodiesel and petrodiesel fuels are used on the microturbine generator system in this study and the results will be compared.

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