Biodiesel is an environmentally benign renewable alternative for conventional diesel fuel, and its utilization in macro gas turbines (MGT) is an interesting option for many applications. The objective of this work is to develop a steady-state model to evaluate the performance of a micro gas turbine fueled by the blends of biodiesel and petrodiesel. The concentration of inlet biodiesel to the model was 10%, 20%, and 30%. In order to validate the developed model, the results of modelling work were compared against the experimental data obtained from a micro gas turbine experimental unit. The engine was modified by mounting various sensors to monitor and record system performance parameters, such as pressure, temperatures, and flow rates at various locations as well as output power, and ambient conditions. The results indicate that most parameters are influenced, to some degree, by changes in the fuel composition. This indicates that although most MGTs can be potentially operated by a high concentration of biodiesel blends, before this fuel switching can be implemented, the system operational parameters should be evaluated by the system modeling to predict possible negative impacts of biodiesel in the inlet fuel on the engine.

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