The Integrated Multi-Modular Fast reactor is a pre-conceptual small modular fast reactor design consisting of 7 self-consist subcritical modules, each utilizing a BeO-MOX concept fuel with complete supercritical CO2 brayton cycle turbo-machinery. The subcritical modules, when brought into proximity of one another, form a complete critical reactor core. The feasibility of the reactor is assessed on a full core level, which includes a neutronics, thermal hydraulics, balance of plant, economics, and economics analysis. It has been shown that a critical configuration lasting for 14 years at 10 MWth can be achieved. A hot channel thermal hydraulics and safety analysis shows that the reactor can operate within safety limits with negative temperature coefficients of reactivity as well as stay within fuel temperature limits. A plant thermal efficiency of 36% was achieved and there is room for optimization to achieve higher efficiencies. An economical feasibility assessment shows that the reactor can be economical based on an economy of serial production argument. The analysis also leads to a licensing discussion.

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