The rotor time domain orbits and the transmissibility trajectories of a rigid rotor supported on squeeze film damper (SFD) and porous squeeze film damper (PSFD) systems were investigated. Under certain system parameters, The SFD system with a centralising spring exhibits excessive nonsynchronous motions with approximate third harmonic frequencies and opposite whirling motions as well as severe transmitted forces. However, under same system parameters and with a porous permeable film outer race PSFD system could effectively attenuate the nonsynchronous motions with very small transmissibilities. The rigid rotor without a centering spring supported on SFD and PSFD systems were also investigated. The highly nonlinear film force characteristics take the major responsibility for the nonsynchronous motions of uncentralized SFD systems, and typical second and third harmonic orbits of SFD system were predicted. While under the same conditions, perfect synchronous orbits of PSFD system were resulted. PSFD through outer race permeability could provide more reasonable film force characteristics, and thus has the capability of suppressing nonsynchronous motions.

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