In this paper we use the assumed modes method to derive an analytical model of a kinked cantilever beam of unit mass carrying a kink mass (mk) and a tip mass (mt). The model is used to study the free and forced vibration of such a beam. For the free vibration, we obtain the mode shape of the complete beam by solving an eight order polynomial whose coefficients are functions of the kink mass, kink angle and tip mass. A relationship of the form f(mk,mt,δ)=mk+mt(4+103cosδ+23cos2δ)=constant appears to give the same fundamental frequency for a given kink angle, δ, and different combinations of kink mass and tip mass.

To derive the dynamic equations of motion, the complete kinked beam mode shape is used in a Lagrangian formulation. The equations of motion are numerically integrated with a torque applied at the base and the tip response for various kink angles are presented. The results match those obtained from a traditional finite element formulation.

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