The increasingly stringent emission regulations have been one of the driving forces to explore more sustainable vehicle powertrains. On the one hand, carmakers are finding alternatives to meet these regulations; on the other hand, they are trying to improve smart features, such as chassis dynamics, passenger comfort, and, ride safety. The P0 architecture in a hybrid electric vehicle is a cost-effective layout due to its easy adaptation to the existing conventional vehicle architecture. In a P0 architecture, fuel consumption and emissions are increased when idling the engine during the stops to fulfill cabin air conditioning with the compressor. Thus, optimal energy management during these events would lead to an improvement in vehicle fuel economy. To this end, this work presents a novel configuration in a hybrid electric vehicle by installing an electromagnetic clutch between the internal combustion engine and the belt drive system. The objective of the study is to quantify the benefits of driving the air conditioning compressor with an electric machine under vehicle idle/stop conditions. It is demonstrated that the proposed solution improves the fuel economy as it shuts down the engine and decouples the engine resisting torque during stops. The results presented are simulated in the Worldwide harmonized Light vehicle Test Procedure homologation driving cycle and US06.

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