This paper studies the groundwater model of the influence of physical parameters, including input frequency of the electromagnetic (EM), and input concentration of contaminants in groundwater, on the velocity pattern, temperature distribution, and concentration distribution of convective heat transfer in saturated porous media as soil. The mathematical models have solved 7 equations in this simulation study, i.e., Maxwell's equation, heat transfer in fluid and solid phases, momentum, and concentration equations. The effect of frequencies and input concentrations of contaminants on the convective heat transfer and concentration distribution in porous media as soil under an electromagnetic wave is investigated. The results indicate that the electromagnetic wave frequency of 2.45 GHz has the most influence on the temperature distribution, velocity patterns, and concentration distribution of the fluid within the porous media as soil during saturated flow in groundwater. The inlet fluid concentration of the contaminant at 30 mol/dm3 has the most impact on the temperature distribution between the implementation of an electromagnetic wave of 2.45 GHz. So, this numerical model provides simple decision data based on comparing the maximum contaminant concentrations of porous media as soil samples with surface soil screening levels such as petroleum engineering and agricultural engineering. This result can be used by the engineer as a guide to determine whether further investigation is needed.

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