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Kinematics Virtual Issue

List of Articles from the ASME Digital Collection.

Manipulator Kinematics and Dynamics on Differentiable Manifolds: Part I Kinematics

On the Influence of the Shoulder Kinematic Chain on Joint Kinematics and Musculotendon Lengths During Wheelchair Propulsion Estimated From Multibody Kinematics Optimization

Multibody Kinematics Optimization for the Estimation of Upper and Lower Limb Human Joint Kinematics: A Systematized Methodological Review

Full-Mobility Three- C CC Parallel-Kinematics Machines: Kinematics and Isotropic Design

Redundant Manipulator Kinematics and Dynamics On Differentiable Manifolds

Biomechanical Engineering Analysis of Pulmonary Valve Leaflet Hemodynamics and Kinematics in the Ross Procedure

Constrained Multibody Kinematics and Dynamics in Absolute Coordinates: A Discussion of Three Approaches to Representing Rigid Body Rotation

A Review on Origami Simulations: From Kinematics, To Mechanics, Toward Multiphysics

Experimental Verification of Kinematics and Kinetics in a Biomimetic Bipedal Robot

Geometry and Kinematics of Cylindrical Waterbomb Tessellation

Forward Kinematics for Suspended Under-Actuated Cable-Driven Parallel Robots With Elastic Cables: A Neural Network Approach

Kinematics, Dynamics and Experiments of n(3RRlS) Reconfigurable Series–Parallel Manipulators for Capturing Space Noncooperative Targets

Design, Modeling and Kinematics Analysis of a Modular Cable-Driven Manipulator

Denavit-Hartenberg Notation-Based Kinematic Constraint Equations for Forward Kinematics of the 3–6 Stewart Platform

Modeling of Industrial Robot Kinematics Using a Hybrid Analytical and Statistical Approach

A Musculoskeletal Model Customized for Sagittal and Frontal Knee Kinematics With Improved Knee Joint Stability

Investigating the Effect of Real-Time Center of Pressure Feedback Training on the Swing Phase of Lower Limb Kinematics in Transfemoral Prostheses With SACH Foot

A Numerically Stable Algorithm for Analytic Inverse Kinematics of 7-Degrees-of-Freedom Spherical-Rotational-Spherical Manipulators With Joint Limit Avoidance

Optimized Joint Coordinate System Achieves Clinically Meaningful Kinematics of the Tibiofemoral Joint as Compared to the International Society of Biomechanics (ISB) Recommendation

In Vitro Simulation of Shoulder Motion Driven by Three-Dimensional Scapular and Humeral Kinematics

Multiscale Computational Model Predicts Mouse Skin Kinematics Under Tensile Loading

Determination of the Inverse Kinematics Branches of Solution Based on Joint Coordinates for Universal Robots-Like Serial Robot Architecture

Kinematics of a Cable-Driven Robotic Platform for Large-Scale Additive Manufacturing

Understanding Kinematics of the Orthogonal Cutting Using Digital Image Correlation—Measurement and Analysis

Kinematics-Based Five-Axis Trochoidal Milling Process Planning for Deep and Curved Three-Dimensional Slots

Design and Kinematics of a Novel Double-Ring Truss Deployable Antenna Mechanism

The Influence of Gait Stance and Vehicle Type on Pedestrian Kinematics and Injury Risk

A Theorem in Plane Kinematics

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