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Origami Virtual Special Issue

List of Articles from ASME Digital Collection.

Soft Origami: Classification, Constraint, and Actuation of Highly Compliant Origami Structures

A Phase Diagram-Based Stability Design Method for a Symmetrical Origami Waterbomb Base

Approaches for Minimizing Joints in Single-Degree-of-Freedom Origami-Based Mechanisms

Hexagonal Ring Origami Assemblies: Foldable Functional Structures With Extreme Packing

A Six Degrees-of-Freedom Soft Robotic Joint With Tilt-Arranged Origami Actuator

Locking Zipper-Coupled Origami Tubes for Deployable Energy Absorption

A Novel Morphing Propeller System Inspired by Origami-Based Structure

Increasing Reliability of Self-Folding of the Origami Hypar

Robust design and evaluation of a novel modular origami-enabled mobile robot (OSCAR)

Deployment Dynamics of Miura Origami Sheets

Variational Level Set Method for Topology Optimization of Origami Fold Patterns

Rigid-Foldable Mechanism Inspired by Origami Twisted Tower

Toward the Design of Kresling Tower Origami As a Compliant Building Block

Experimental Evaluation of Tension and Shear Responses of Material Discontinuities in Origami-Based Sheet Metal Bending

A Computational Design Synthesis Method for the Generation of Rigid Origami Crease Patterns

Folding Responses of Origami-Inspired Structures Connected by Groove Compliant Joints

Experimental and Numerical Investigation on Radial Stiffness of Origami-Inspired Tubular Structures

Reversed-Torsion-Type Crush Energy Absorption Structure and Its Inexpensive Partial-Heating Torsion Manufacturing Method Based on Origami Engineering

Design of an Origami Bendy Straw for Robotic Multistable Structures

Folding Process Planning of Rigid Origami Using the Explicit Expression and Rapidly Exploring Random Tree Method

Bio-Inspired Origami Metamaterials With Metastable Phases Through Mechanical Phase Transitions

Sequential Self-Folding of Shape Memory Polymer Sheets by Laser Rastering Toward Origami-Based Manufacturing

Reprogrammable Kinematic Branches in Tessellated Origami Structures

Origami-Based Bistable Metastructures for Low-Frequency Vibration Control

Embedded Actuation for Shape-Adaptive Origami

A Novel Origami-Inspired Delta Mechanism With Flat Parallelogram Joints

Geometry-Based Thick Origami Simulation

Particle Swarm Optimization-Based Metaheuristic Design Generation of Non-Trivial Flat-Foldable Origami Tessellations With Degree-4 Vertices

Conceptualizing Stable States in Origami-Based Devices Using an Energy Visualization Approach

An Origami-Based Medical Support System to Mitigate Flexible Shaft Buckling

A Bar and Hinge Model for Simulating Bistability in Origami Structures With Compliant Creases

Rigidly Foldable Thick Origami Using Designed-Offset Linkages

Origami-Layer-Jamming Deployable Surgical Retractor With Variable Stiffness and Tactile Sensing

Folding of Thick Origami Through Regionally Sandwiched Compliant Sheets

Conditions for Rigid and Flat Foldability of Degree- n Vertices in Origami

Rigid and Flat Foldability of a Degree-Four Vertex in Origami

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