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Just Accepted Manuscript

Research Papers November 23, 2023
Topology Optimization using Neural Networks with Conditioning Field Initialization for Improved Efficiency
Research Papers November 23, 2023
A Unified Real-time Motion Generation Algorithm for Approximate Position Analysis of Planar N-Bar Mechanisms
Research Papers November 23, 2023
Mixed-Variable Global Sensitivity Analysis for Knowledge Discovery And Efficient Combinatorial Materials Design (IDETC2023-110756)
Research Papers November 20, 2023
Does Fan Feel and Visibility during Thermostat Interaction Affect Temperature Selection in Warm Ambient Conditions?
Design Innovation Paper November 17, 2023
Design and mechanical validation of commercially viable, personalized passive prosthetic feet
Research Papers November 17, 2023
Nonlinear evaluation of a large-stroke coiled L-shape compliant guiding mechanism with constant stiffness
Research Papers November 17, 2023
Disassembly and repairability of mechatronic products: insight for engineering design
Research Papers November 16, 2023
Vehicle Crashworthiness Performance Prediction through Fusion of Multiple Data Sources
Research Papers November 8, 2023
An Approach for Predicting Social, Environmental, and Economic Product Impacts and Characterizing the Associated Sustainability Tradespace in Engineering Design
Research Papers November 8, 2023
Reducing Waste Outflow to Motivate Water Conservation
Research Papers November 8, 2023
A Functional Perspective on the Emergence of Dominant Designs
Research Papers November 2, 2023
Design Synthesis of a 4D-Printed Self-Tying Knot with Programmable Morphology
Research Papers November 2, 2023
Towards Sustainable Integration: Techno-Economic Analysis and Future Perspectives of Co-located Wind and Hydrogen Energy Systems
Research Papers November 2, 2023
Modeling Stiffness and Stress in Serpentine Flexures for Use in a Compliant Bone Plate
Research Papers November 1, 2023
Design space exploration and evaluation using margin-based trade-offs
Research Papers October 18, 2023
Effects of Product Personalization - Considering Personalizability in the Product Architecture of Modular Product Families
Research Papers October 12, 2023
Integrated Sustainable Product Design with Warranty and End-of-use Considerations
Research Papers October 5, 2023
A Reliability-Based Optimization Framework for Planning Operational Profiles for Unmanned Systems
Research Papers August 10, 2023
A GPU-Based Parallel Region Classification Method for Continuous Constraint Satisfaction Problems
Research Papers April 1, 2020
Design of a specialized tractor to replace draft animals in small farms
Announcements November 1, 2013
Special Issue 2014: Biologically-Inspired Design
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